Thursday, October 21, 2010


So, as some of you do (and some of you probably don't) know.... WE LIVE IN SEATTLE, WA NOW!!!! I know, I know, it was quick and unexpected for us too. But let me just tell you, never have I felt the Lord guiding my life more than in the last month or so.
In Seattle, there is an electrician's apprenticeship (for James) and there is also an Interpreter Training Program (for sign language interpreters) (for me). So when James and I were deciding where we wanted to be for the next little while (while building our careers) this was one of 3 possibilities. Well, we prayed about it, and decided on Seattle. Then we went to the Temple and prayed to have an answer whether Seattle was the right decision. The Lord sometimes whispers to you your answers, but sometimes He whacks you over the head with them... this was a whack over the head. In our session, there were two deaf couples!!! I didn't realize this was the answer 'til about half way through the session, but then it hit me... DUH!!! WAKE UP!!!! Here's your answer honey! I was sitting next to someone who one day I hope I can interpret for. My dream job, was was sitting right next to me! (they are the deaf liaisons for the L.A. LDS Temple). What other answer could I assume this was than a YES! So that was it, We got the answer, I gave my 2 weeks notice, and on August 25th, we moved to Seattle. No jobs, to prospects, thank goodness James had come up earlier and found an apartment. Within two weeks we both had jobs, and life has been going pretty smoothly since then. I have never had everything fall so perfectly in place before. I know our prayers were answered and the Lord has been helping us every step of the way. We are in a wonderful ward, our jobs are great, and James' apprenticeship program has already scheduled an interview to meet him. LIFE IS GOOD!
Nothing really new beyond that. We don't technically live in Seattle, though. We live in Renton, to be exact, but it's pretty close to the Emerald City. Sorry I don't have any pictures for this post. The camera was a little difficult to find at first. But next time... I promise.